Makeover’s for gorgeous singletons!

Makeover Box is pleased to announce we will be working alongside the lovely Saskia Nelson and Rebecca Perkins in their mission to help people find love!

They have a unique idea to help gorgeous singletons create a fabulous online dating profile.

Saskia is currently the only dating profile photographer out there, with a natural urban approach as appose to a staged studio feel. Rebecca is an amazing life coach and author whom will give you the tools and confidence to help you write an amazing blurb about yourself! And Makeover Box will be on hand to do the Hair and Makeup on location and assisting with any styling or wardrobe advice, whilst still keeping everything natural, “Just you but on a really good day!”

Check out Sara in the picture whom we did the Makeup on in Battersea park for her photo shoot.

This is a great idea with the whole dating scene now being online it makes sense to stand out from the crowd.


check out the website and team at: