About Hannah…

Ever since I was a kid, styling my dolls’ hair, I’ve been hooked on hair. 

I was barely a teenager when I first stepped foot in a salon, and since then I have perfected my snip-snip, colour-mix, hair-flip skills.

A little about me 

I love a good chuckle. Got a hilarious dad joke? I’m all ears! I’ve also got a knack for cooking up a storm for the family and whipping up cheesecakes for my friends

Here’s a fun fact 

I’m a certified archer. Haven’t held a bow and arrow in a while, though. I think I’ll stick to wielding my scissors and comb!


Danni’s taken me under her wing, teaching me the art of hair-ups. Meanwhile, I’m the one getting your hair primed and ready for the big reveal with my prepping, curling and straightening skills.

Looking ahead, I’ve got my eye on a make-up course to add another feather to my cap (or should I say, brush to my kit) as a HMUA (Hair and Makeup Artist). Stay tuned!

Hannah x