Terms & Conditions

All confirmed bookings are at the discretion of Makeover Box | Hair and Makeup.

All agreements are made between the client and Makeover Box and their team of artists.

Bookings are only secured once the reservation payment has been received.

No provisional bookings will be taken at any time. By paying the reservation payment the client accepts our Terms and Conditions.

Dates will not be held for longer than 48 hours after quotation is sent.

A reservation payment will be stipulated to book and secure your booking with Makeover Box for your wedding day, consultation appointment, Special Occasion event, Lesson, Photoshoot, etc.

Only once the reservation payment is received, is a booking secure and confirms the artist’s availability on the wedding date and trial day (tbc) / special occasion / lesson / photo shoot or course date.

The reservation payment stands at £50 per artist booked at the time of booking.

If for any reason you wish to decrease the number of services resulting in having to cancel one of the artists, this will result in a loss of the reservation payment for that artist to cover the holding of the date and refusing other work for this date and admin time involved.

The reservation payment will be deducted from your wedding day invoice total not your trial date. Your trial payment will be due on the day of the trial.

All Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year are charged at peak rates.

Sundays have a surcharge fee of £25 per artist, Bank holidays have a surcharge of £50.

Off-peak rates may apply. Friday, Saturday and Sunday bookings are subject to a minimum booking
spend of £385.



Bridal Consultations/Trials take place during the week Monday – Thursday.

Please keep this in mind when booking. Trial bookings are not available for Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays as these days are reserved for wedding bookings.

Trials are a requirement for the bride but the rest of the bridal party is optional.
Trials are carried out in the day to allow the client to see how the makeup wears throughout the course of the day and in natural light.
Trials are carried out at our studio in Hailsham, East Sussex. Trial payments are not refundable under any circumstances.

Should you want to have a 2nd trial appointment, the same payment rate as the initial appointment is due.

Should you require 2 different looks for your event day, an extended trial is needed and will be charged accordingly.



If an assisting artist is required, due to an early morning ceremony, or a venue has an access restricted time, or if there are more than 6 services, an additional artist fee of £80 will be applied.

Early morning bookings where an artist needs to start before 06h30 for any reason whatsoever will incur an additional out of hours fee of £25 per artist. A return travel fee will apply – @ 0.50p per mile after the first 15 miles free, roundtrip from the artist’s postcode.

Any congestion/ parking or toll fees to be discussed with the artist beforehand via the invoice or cash on the day.

Accommodation for the night before may be required should there be a starting time of 06h00 or should travel exceed 50 miles (not round trip) from the chosen artists postcode. This will be stipulated in the quotation. Reservation payments for special occasions, photo shoots, lessons, and courses are non- refundable.



Wedding reservation payments are not refundable should you cancel your booking before having had your trial.

Wedding reservation payments are refundable should you notify us of cancellation of your booking within 48 hours (2 days) after your consultation/trial appointment whereby 50% of your reservation payment shall be refunded and 50% retained to cover admin services rendered / artist holding the date and having lost other potential work/income for that day. Wedding reservation payments are non- refundable should you notify us of your cancellation after 48 hours (2 days) of your trial date.

Cancellations must be made in writing.

If your wedding is cancelled or you have to postpone your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances i.e venue closure, or a pandemic, the cancellation policy will apply. We will try to accommodate a change of date wherever possible. Makeover Box strongly advises wedding insurance to cover you against such situations.

Cancellations 1 month prior to the wedding date- payment in full will be due, 2 months before- 50% will be due.

Makeover Box reserves the right to cancel the booking with no refunds applicable should the booking be made under false pretenses, such as booking Special Occasion services when its actually wedding services required. For any other exceptional circumstances that means we need to terminate the booking and contract with the client we will refund your reservation payment in full. Makeover Box reserves the right to refuse to provide services if the client or anyone associated with the client, is rude, aggressive or abusive in any way. In the unlikely event that any team member booked is unable to make your wedding day due to urgent personal reasons or severe sickness, we will try our utmost to find an alternative artist. If this is not possible we guarantee to refund you back all paid money for your wedding day excluding trial costs.



Wedding reservation payments for short notice bookings (bookings made within the month of the event date) are non-refundable.

Short notice bookings that fall within a month of the wedding or event date, require 50% of the agreed quotation, reservation payment, to book and secure the artist for that day.

All final payments are due in 1 (one) full amount and not by several individual different payments.

Bride only bookings throughout the year for Hair or Makeup or both, will be charged at £385 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays unless quoted otherwise. This includes a bride only supplement day rate, call-out fee and all related admin.

A minimum booking requirement is required during peak season. Minimum booking requirements consist of a booking of 4 (four) services to be done, on the actual wedding day. The trial services are not included in the minimum booking requirement.



The client hereby acknowledges that whilst the application of makeup and hair styling is generally regarded as safe, that allergies or known reactions to makeup and hair products must be communicated to all Makeover Box artists prior to the services taking place and that Danielle and the team will not be held responsible for any personal injury sustained as a result of taking part in
any hair and makeup services provided.

The client acknowledges that we are a fully insured.

All equipment i.e brushes and makeup products used by Danielle and the team are sanitary and sterilized equipment between client services and that we abide abide by Covid Health and Safety guidelines.

The client agrees to provide basic refreshments to Danielle and the team whilst the services are taking place.

The client agrees that the artist may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but is not limited to the artist’s website and social media pages. The artist will respect your privacy on your event day, however it must be stipulated to the artist, if you would prefer no social media content to be shared.

For Health and Safety reasons, the client agrees to keep children and infants away from and and all makeup and hair products and heated styling aids. Makeover box team will not be held responsible for any personal injury sustained, should an event of this nature happen.

Makeover Box artists agree to all the services as per your quotation, once your reservation payment has been accepted. Should any details such as the location of the preparation venue change and we are not informed of such changes, we will not be held responsible for any delays in services under these circumstances.

Should the client or any of their booking party have headlice, cold sores or eye infections etc. due to health and safety Makeover Box artists will not be able to complete the services on the person/s affected and no refunds would be applicable.

Makeover Box agrees to carry out their best quality of work, arrive on the time previously agreed upon between the artist and the client and perform the agreed services on the date stipulated, only if full payment has been received, prior to the event date. ( The date will be stipulated on the Reservation Invoice) By paying the reservation payment you agree to all our Terms and Conditions above and the payment schedule stipulated in your Reservation Invoice.