The King of Lashes?

I have a confession. I am seriously disappointed by most mascaras.

Is it too much to ask for a voluming, lengthening and thickening mascara? Apparently so.

I have tried them all, from the offerings at Dior, Mac and Yves Saint Laurent, to Maybelline and Miners (remembers Miners?!).  All in a never-ending quest to find the perfect mascara. Don’t get me wrong, I really like a lot of mascaras – Mac’s ‘In Extreme Dimension Lash’ is actually one of my favourites – but until I tried Majolica Majorca’s ‘Lash King’ I still felt there was still something better out there.

Majolica Majorca is owned by beauty giant Shiseido and is actually at the ‘drugstore’ end of the pricing spectrum in Japan (where Majolica Majorca hails from). The line is easily accessible across south east Asia, in fact I purchased my mascara in Phuket in Thailand, but due to its popularity the brand is becoming increasing easy to pick up in the UK (here on for example).

‘Lash King’ separates the lashes in a way that most of the mascaras I have tried over the years are unable to. It really does appear to lengthen each individual lash, whilst adding the thickness and volume that appeals to me.


The wand itself is thin enough to grab individual lashes, whilst adding fibres which further lengthen – something I must say I was pretty nervous about at first having tried the Younique ‘Fibre Lash’ mascara and absolutely hating it. Unlike the Younique fibre mascara, ‘Lash King’ doesn’t leave fibres crawling down your cheeks later in the day (not a good look!) and the product remained on my eyelashes all day, even in the humid conditions.



What are your favourite mascaras? Let me know in the comments.

Emma x