Taking a deep dive into what is happening in the bridal fashion industry and trends. I have created a list of what I envisage will be on trend for wedding hairstyling. Brides are seeking hairstyles that compliment their complete look, but also on trend. Let’s explore the top bridal hair trends that I predict are set to hit in 2024.

Effortless, chic, messy updos:

Messy updos steal the spotlight, brides are embracing a more relaxed and effortless vibe, opting for low, tousled buns and textured mid to high updo’s. This look has become popular and taken off due to Kim Kardasian and Hayley Bieber who both recently rocked their hair in updo’s with a tousled soft front area. These styles will perfectly complement bohemian and modern luxury weddings, providing a soft and romantic touch to the overall bridal look.


Braided hairstyles are making a strong comeback. From intricate fishtail braids to loose, romantic braided crowns, and mermaid braids. We love creating these hair styles which make so much impact when walking down the aisle. These versatile hairstyles work well with various hair textures, added clip in hair extensions give more volume and length with flowers or accessories to really finish the look.

Statement hair accessories:

Bridal hair accessories are becoming more whimsical and statement-making in 2024. From oversized floral clips to sparkling jeweled combs. We have also seen a huge rise in eye-catching pearl embellishments, from either floating pearls to individual pearl on pins. These accessories not only add a touch of glamour but also allow brides to personalise their look and make a bold statement on their special day.

We have a lovely selection of bridal accessories in our studio for you to look over at your trial, all handmade by Clare Lloyd.

Natural and unconventional colours:

Gone are the days when brides stick to traditional hair colours. In 2024, we see a rise in brides embracing natural and unconventional hair hues. Soft pastels, blush tones, and even hints of lavender are becoming popular choices, allowing brides to express their individuality while still maintaining an elegant and ethereal vibes, and coming from a hairdressing background we are here for this!

Hollywood waves

The Vintage-inspired hairstyle looks like it will still be around but with a softer, modern twist and with middle partings instead of the classic side parting. Retro waves, inspired by the glamour of the 1920s and 1930s, have been popular for a few seasons now. These almost always require a full set of remy, real human hair extensions to be added to create the volume and pow needed for this look!

Capes & bows:

Capes and headpieces are becoming more statement pieces. Brides are choosing bold, dramatic capes over the traditional veil or large bows either on their own or as part of the veil as a modern alternative. I am a big fan of this look! Intricate headpieces are more popular to elevate their overall look, as well as statement flower crowns for the ultimate boho vibe.


Curls are a timeless style, either bouncy classic curls or beachy soft waves these styles will continue to be a lovely bridal look. Half up half down styling with either twists and knots or braids for a more boho style will be a trend that continues in 2024. Brides with curly hair are letting their locks cascade freely, enhancing their natural beauty.

In conclusion, the bridal hair trends of 2024 showcase a gorgeous mix of classic and contemporary styles, allowing brides to express their personality and style on their wedding day. Whether it’s a soft, ethereal boho look with braids, or the variety of messy updos, or the statement-making accessories including bows and pearls, for a more luxury style brides will be spoilt for choice.

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